Spirit Run has Youth Mile races and a Youth 5k for ages 4 - 18.

Spirit Run also offers a Toddler Trot. 

Children age 13 and older may also run with their dogs in the Dog Mile.

Youth finishers receive a Spirit Run medal and children compete to win prizes as well.

Children really wanting a workout may compete in two races and are eligible to win in both!

For information about Spirit Run's Family Mile and 5k Family Walk visit the Adult Racing Page.

Read on for descriptions of Spirit Run's youth races.



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The Youth 5k is for high school aged and youngerChildren race without adult interference and a child breaks the finish line tape!

Parents or guardians of youth in the Youth 5k may register for the Adult 5k and run with their children in the Youth 5k, but must start in the back of the pack and later catch up with their children. No awards are available for such adults and no other adults are allowed.


Youth Mile Races

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Spirit Run offers multiple mile races, from 1/4 to 1-mile, broken down by age group as follows:

  • Youh 1/4 Mile - Age 4

  • Youth 1/2 Mile - Ages 5-6

  • Youth 1 Mile - Age 7-8

  • Youth 1 Mile - Age 9-10

  • Youth 1 Mile - Age 11-14 (pre high school only; if 13 or 14 and a high school student, enter High School Mile)

  • High School Mile - Age 15-18 (high school aged only; if post high school enter Open Mile)

The first six 1/4 - 1 Mile races listed immediately above take place beginning after the Adult 5k on an out and back course. The High School Mile takes place after the Open Mile on a point to point course. Visit Schedule, Course Maps, and Awards Pages for details on timing, courses, and awards for each of these races.



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The Dog Mile is for age 13 and older to run with their four-legged furry friends on leashes. Participants must finish in 15 minutes.



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"Twice the Fun" entitles youth registrants to entry into Spirit Run and the City of Newport Beach Track Meet on Friday, April 26, 2019 at Newport Harbor High School in Newport Beach. "Twice the Fun" is open to children born in years 2004 to 2012.

"Twice the Fun" has two options - "Twice the Fun Single Spirit Run" (one Spirit Run race) and "Twice the Fun Spirit Run Combo" (two Spirit Run races). 

For more Track Meet information, visit the Newport Beach Recreation Department's Page.


Toddler Trot


This event is for children age 3 and younger. It takes place in the expo inside a fenced large astro turf covered area. Multiple start times take place between 10:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.