Spirit Run has racing and walking events for adults -- from elite runners to casual walkers -- and even a race to enjoy with your favorite four-legged furry friend!

Register for multiple races and compete to win in each one! Visit Awards Page for details.

Immediately below are descriptions of the adult races.

Scroll further for a downloadable Summary of Events with prize and pricing information.

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Adult 5k, 10k, & 15k (10k+5k)

Adults race the 10k or Adult 5k and compete to win Blaze Pizza for a year in each race.

Those really wanting a workout compete in the 5k and 10k - Spirit Run's "15k." 15k participants compete to win the Blaze Pizza prize in the 10k and 5k, and a Spa Gregorie's massage in the 15k.


So Cal USATF Road Mile Championships 

Spirit Run is partnering with Southern California USA Track & Field (So Cal USATF) to present the 2018 So Cal USATF Road Mile Championships

  • The Elite Mile is for men and women who run faster than 4:30 and 5:00 minutes, respectively.
  • The Open Mile is for adults who don't meet the elite standards, and children age 13-19. Those who can run a mile faster than 7:00 minutes start in front. Participants are required to finish in 10 minutes. Those expecting to finish in longer than 10 minutes may participate in the Family Mile (see below).

Elites compete to win cash and massage certificates. Adults compete to win cash, Yard House gift cards, and massage certificates in the Open Mile. Children compete for Blaze Pizza for a year. 

To be eligible to win cash or USATF medals, competitors must be 2018 So Cal USATF members. For information about USATF membership visit USATF's website.

dog mile finish.jpeg

Dog Mile

The Dog Mile is for all ages to run with their four-legged furry friends on leashes. Winners enjoy lunch or dinner at Lazy Dog Cafe. Participants must finish in 15 minutes.

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Inaugural Elite Race Walk

This year, in partnership with So Cal USATF, we are introducing the 1-Mile Elite Race Walk.

Race walking is different than running. It requires the competitor to maintain contact with the ground at all times and for the leading leg to be straightened as the foot makes contact with the ground. For more information about Race Walking visit the USATF Website.

Participants race to win cash and USATF medals. Competitors must be 2018 So Cal USATF members to be eligible for these awards. For information about USATF membership visit USATF's website.

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Family Events 

There are two family events. Individuals may also participate in them. No awards will be available in either event, although children may receive finisher medals.

  • Infants to grandparents and all ages in between enjoy Spirit Run's 5k Family Walk beginning immediately after the start of the Adult 5k. Those finishing after 9:30 may be directed to the sidewalk to finish. 
  • The Family Mile is for casual adult runners and families seeking to jog, or to jog and walk, a mile. Family Mile participants are required to finish in 20 minutes.

Individual adults may register for either event under the "Individual" registration options. Families may register together at a discount under the "Family Registration" option. Visit Registration Page for pricing details.


Summary of Events

Download the Summary of Events immediately below by clicking here.

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slideshow of the 2017 adult winners 

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