Welcome Spirit Run Elite Competitors

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Qualifying Standards


Qualifying Standards - Entry Into Elite Mile And For Elite prize Divisions

Elite Mile - Open to men and women who can run a mile in 4 minutes 15 seconds and 4 minutes 50 seconds, respectively. The field will be limited to 15 men and 15 women.

Elite Prizes - In addition to the Elite Mile, Spirit Run has a separate prize division for Elite competitors in the 10k and 5k. Below are the qualifying standards to be eligible to win in the Elite prize divisions:

  • 10K - Men and women who compete in the 10K and who finish faster than 33 minutes and 36 minutes, respectively are eligible to win Elite prizes in the 10k.
  • 5K - Elite Mile competitors or in the 10k and who finish in faster than 33 minutes and 36 minutes, respectively are eligible for the Elite prize division.

Qualifying Standards - Free or Discounted Entry Fees

The following are the qualifying standards for free entries:

  • Mile - 4:20 men, 5:00 women
  • 5k - 15:00 men, 17:00 women
  • 10k - 31:00 men, 35:00 women

Significant discounts are available for competitive runners not meeting above times.

Email dianedaruty@sbcglobal.net about free entries and discounts. 

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Spirit Run's Adult Races and Awards

For details on Spirit Run's adult races, visit the Adult Racing Page.  Also check out the fast race courses, especially in the Adult Mile races, and the Event Schedule that allows plenty of time for you to compete in two, even three, races

Spirit Run is offering a Cash Prize Purse in the Elite Mile only. It is offering prizes from Blaze Pizza, Fashion Island, Spa Gregorie's, Dick's Sporting Goods in the other adult races. For details on all of the medals and prizes Spirit Run is offering, visit the Awards Page.

For details on the USATF Southern California Championships at Spirit Run, any Awards that USATF Southern California is offering in those Championships, and USATF Southern California membership, visit USATF Southern California's Website .

NEW VIP Booth In NEW Expo Location

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New Expo Location

Registration, Packet Pickup, and Youth & Fitness & Dog Expos are moving to next to the finish line. 

This new location makes it more convenient for expo attendees to watch their loved ones finish their races and head directly into the expos.

Parking will be available in the Big Edwards Theater parking lot.

Spirit Run will have a large VIP booth facing the finish line. Elites are welcome to enjoy coffee and other beverages, delicious treats from Plum's Cafe, and more.

ELIGIBILITY & Drug testing

To be eligible for elite entry or prize money, an athlete must:

  • Not be currently serving a suspension for use of a banned substance
  • Have never served a ban for use of performance enhancing drugs
  • Not be represented by coaches and/or agents who ever served a ban for use of performance enhancing drugs during their own athletic career
  • Provide proper documentation proving they are eligible for prize money (form W-9, W-8ECI or W-8BEN)
  • Consent to random drug testing according to the standards and procedures of USATF, USADA and WADA


Athletes who participate in this competition are subject to formal drug testing in accordance with USA Track and Field and IAAF Rule 55. Athletes found positive for banned substances, or who refuse the test will be disqualified from this event and will be ineligible for future competitions. Some prescription and over-the-counter medications contain banned substances. Call the USO Drug Hotline at 800/233-0393 for information regarding drugs and for testing.


Elite Bios

Below are pictures and biographies of Elite Athletes at Spirit Run 2018.

If you qualify as Elite and would like us to add your bio and photo, please register and email dianedaruty@sbcglobal.net.

steve scott head shot.jpg

Steve Scott

3 time Olympian, 80, 84, 88, 1500 meters

Silver Medal World Championships 1983, 1500 meters 

American Record holder in mile for 25 years, 3:47.69

Former American Record holder 1500 meters, mile, 2000 meters, 3000 meters, indoor and outdoor.

136 Sub-four minute miles, most in history

Coach at Cal St San Marcos for 18 years, 3 National NAIA Championships, Women’s Cross Country.

Since 1983, Steve has led the warm up and run with kids in the mile. In 2017, he started the Elite Mile and raced the Open Mile. He will be back to start the Elite and Youth Mile races. We hope he'll race the Open Mile as well!

julie swail ertel family photo.jpg

Julie Ertel

Olympic Silver Medalist Women's Water Polo 2000

Captain Olympic Women's Water Polo 1995-2001

Pan Am Games Silver Medalist Women's Water Polo 1999

Pan Am Games Gold Medalist Triathlon 2003, 2007

Olympic Trials Winner Triathlon 2008

Olympic Games 2008

Haul to Great Wall National Series Champion 2004, 2005, 2007

Pacific Grove Triathlon and San Diego International Triathlon 1st Professional 2016 and 2015

USATF 8k Championships 1st Place, 2016

Carlsbad 5k, 1st Masters 2014, 2nd Masters 2015

Possibilities Triathlon 1st Overall 2015

Pacific Coast Triathon 1st Overall 2017

San Diego International 1st Professional 2017

Carlsbad 5000 2nd Masters 2017

reid buchanan from josh cox no wording.jpg

Reid Buchanan

8th Place 2017 USATF Outdoor T&F Championships 5,000m

2017 Pearl Street Mile Champion (Boulder, CO)

2018 Millennium Mile Champion 3:56 (Londonderry, NH)

Personal Record of 7:50 in the 3000m (2017) 

Personal Record of 13:27 in the 5000m (2017)

Spirit Run Defending Champion/Course Record Holder in the Elite Mile and 5k

jorge jabaz 353.jpg

Jorge Jabaz

2 Time All American Cross Country & Track & Field

2 Time Golden State Athletic Conference Champions 1500 & 5000 meters

2 Time NAIA X Country National Team Member

Personal records mile - 3:53 & 4:04 on track & road, respectively

Personal records other - 49.3, 1:51, 3:46, 8:18, 14:04, 24:10, 30:40, 53, & 1;10 in 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m, 8000m, 10000 m, 10 mile & half marathon

tori finish line cropped for website.jpg

Tori Tsolis

All Big West at University of California Santa Barbara

Personal record in the 1500 meters of 4:10

Smoking fast 4:22 at 2017 Santa Barbara Road Mile

Spirit Run Female Defending Champion/Course Record Holder in the Elite Mile

ayla-granados-winning cropped.jpg

Ayla Granados

All American Chico State over 1500 meters

6th US Road Mile Championships 2016

Smoking Fast 4:23 at the SB road mile in 2017

Personal record in the 1500 meters of 4:13

Personal Record 16:01 in 5k on the track

margo malone resized.jpg

Margo Malone

All American in the 10000m at Syracuse University

Personal Record of 15:59 in the 5000m

Personal Record of 32:29 in the 10000m

shelby buckley photo for website.jpg

Shelby Buckley

Personal Records:

1600 meters: 4:45

5k: 16:51

10k: 35:56

1/2 Marathon: 1:18.10

maya weigel.jpg

Maya Weigel

NCAA DIII 5k Champion

Personal Record in the 5k of 16:20

Personal Record in the 1500 meters of 4:22


josh espinoza cropped.jpg

Josh Espinoza

Personal Records

1000 meters: 2:26.4

1500 meters: 3:49.2

Indoor Mile: 4:11

5k 14:31

barron maizland cropped.jpg

Barron Maizland

Personal Records

1500m - 3:50

5000m - 14:41

8000m - 24:37

3 Time NCAA National Qualifier (XC & Track)

3 Time CCAA All-Conference (XC & Track)